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I am good at smiling.
Its easy .... I not have to pretend.
But the baggage ..back my eyes
you can't see don`t lie to me ,I read the under the lines
so maybe you had a funny times

some times we had many time to talk
maybe now it will never be together a good walk
well thats wath  life can be
when you believe you find  the best friend and
and think you come home to real true harmony

in hours we talked about life and what it will be
you was a near friend of me ,
so why do you want a friend  like me ?
is it to get some inspiration
to a new melody we
or will you have a new poetry ?
this  is not a  new sensation ..

so my friend ...I am only me 
the best i can be, not a copy what other will se
acept me or leave me , how hard can it be
my life..and feelings  is not a  your game
for your inspiration  or  funny  writing scam

the baggage  we all have in life ......
is what we have  but it can give sorrow tear,
 and a good laugh
and lot of good  smile .
now i will paint my pictures .
write my poetry  about  what the life can be
so so maybe one day you will see
it could  have been.. a happy life for you and me
well it was a dream ,  that you did not want to be
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